Unique Glass Art by


This piece represents a velvet night sky. Using a plain disc of glass I cut triangles of dark blue glass and placed them in a pinwheel pattern. To represent the shooting stars I added stringers in various blues, sprinkled the surface with silver mica trapped under clear frit.  

Glass quilt

I have used all recycled glass for this piece.  The central section contains the lettering in copper captured between two clear glass oblongs with an additional three squares of confetti glass place on the first, third and fifth letters.

Circles, squares, triangles &


With this leaded panel I have mixed these shapes together to form the design. Using recycled segments of glass with different textures and colours this A3 panel draws its inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wrights design for a rug in Max Hoffman house 1957. The addition of glass pebbles gives the work a three dimensional feel.

The Glass Art Collection

Individually made unique pieces by a Herefordshire glass artist
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I have drawn my inspiration for the diverse collection from nature and the built environment. Some pieces, such as the glass quilt which I made for my daughter, could be re worked for other children's births. This design lends itself to any name or event such as weddings and special anniversaries. The number of squares can be adjusted as well as the orientation. I find my interest in Frank Lloyd Wright and Mackintosh work has helped shape some of the leaded panels I created in this collection, in particular the stained glass Circles, squares triangles & rectangles all utilising recycled glass. Where possible I obtain my glass from recycled sources. The bowls utilise plant materials in their construction and go through three firings in the kiln.