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Commissioning Process

Michele will visit you in your home to discuss plans and ideas for the piece you have in mind and measurements. She will then draw up a number of designs for you to choose from and arrange to meet again to discuss these. A quote will be given for each of the designs, dependent on size and intricacy. Michele will also bring glass samples. Once you have chosen a design and are happy with the quote, Michele will give you an estimated date for delivery. At this point, a 40% deposit is required. Prices for design only, or consultation work will be given on application. Balance of payment is due on delivery of the finished work. Please do not hesitate to phone or email with any requirements.

mobile: 07733 360638

email: michele@uniqueglassart.co.uk

Individually made unique pieces by a Herefordshire glass artist
First stage The initial discussion, which can take several hours, to identify the subject and where the work is to be located. This leads to the agreed design. Second stage  In the studio I will draw up a template of the agreed design and cost the materials involved. In creating a glass quilt initially I cut the letters (which are approx 2 ½”) of the name out of copper sheet. For this example I shall use Jenny as the name (5 letters). This gives me the size of the base piece of Tekra (clear Bullseye glass). Usually the name is placed down the centre of the grid which in this case has three columns.  The copper letters are captured between two layers of glass, the base and either another piece of plane or one with some particles of colour. The two outer columns are squares of colour. These can be to match a particular room setting or be a random choice. Often the rainbow colours make a good design choice.  It is at this point I can include small additional symbols such as cats, teddy bears, butterflies - also cut from copper sheet. These are placed in the outer columns between the two layers of glass.  I can now calculate how much copper sheet and glass has been used in the design. A 2” square of glass is not a uniform price; reds are more expensive than the blue range. Currently, red glass costs approximately £150.00 per square metre. I usually include glass stringers to create a grid pattern between the squares of glass and then add four stripes of edge glass to compliment the colours already chosen for the grid. Third stage The quilt is then placed into my kiln and fired to a full fuse which takes around 12 hours for the process to be completed. This allows for the glass to reach a temperature of 804 degrees Fahrenheit at which it becomes liquid and then the temperature is bought down and held for the annealing phase. Finally back down to room temperature over several hours to prevent thermal shock which can result in the pieces shattering.