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Individually made unique pieces by a Herefordshire glass artist


This reminds me of the night skies ... pot melt puddle has developed into a depiction of the cosmos, after a melt kiln firing - magical. Scrap blue and green glass with silver wire flowers embedded. A blue/green pot melt using recycled glass. then its wired together to create this cosmos scene. Then its suspended in a hoop so it can be hung from the ceiling. This is the final piece of work.

Spider Web

This is the first firing of my Spider and lace web work. Will be included in a silk and wool thread web created inside a frame. The inspiration taken from Touchon spiders and webs in nature. Initial layout for mixed media spider web. The glass disc is attached to a golden open weave netting. Then the web threads are stitched with a long chain. Nearly completed and suspended. Possible inclusions of ribbon surrounds.  Selected for the Lace Guild Exhibition at the Hollys, Stourbridge. It runs from August through to September 2017. Included within the International Glass Festival 25-28th August. Ribbon is threaded through the gold net that forms the base on which the glass disc is attached. The embroidery hoop takes the weight of the glass by threading thick gold thread around the hoop and through the jewellery clasp attached to the disc. I then used PVA as it goes clear on drying to stick the beads; leaves and felt butterflies onto the net. I have disguised the hoop with some woven ribbon and hung it through the screw thread with the orange ribbon.


This pot melt was created with scrap glass and using a bubble mold with many holes in it. After 15 hours it looks like the inside of a volcano and is about 1/4" thick. The swirling pattern and vibrant orange/red detail gives the piece focus. The inspiration came from a trip to Lanzerote some years ago. At Timanfaya water was poured into a borehole which becomes a spewing geyser. Just a few meters under the surface temperatures reach several hundred degrees. Type of glass used: mixed recycled
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