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Individually made unique pieces by a Herefordshire glass artist


This is the sister to Starburst described earlier. In this case again a disc of glass was the starting point. I then placed several pieces of broken red onto the surface trapping between the layers some copper mess. It too had stringers representing the suns rays, however these can now only be seen on the surface of the disc which has also been sprinkled with bronze mice and orange frit.


Leaded patchwork showing several glas techniques. Central  vertical panel demonstrates frit migration; coat the tile with powder glass, place larger pieces on top. Then fire in the kiln. Four corner sections have been fused with slivers of glass, mica, silver foil and small frit between tiles into patterns representing a natural theme.  Falling leaves, dragonfly, butterfly and daisy. The final two tiles on the horizontal are two separate pieces with copper maple leaves and daisy captured between. The tope tiles is etched and the bottom is transparent toffee glass.

Chrysler Tower

This is my first experience of using glass; I usually work with textiles to create both abstract and traditional pieces.  Over the years I have enjoyed using lots of needlecraft and embroidery techniques which I am hoping to combine with glass in future pieces. Finally, with my Chrysler Tower panel I found a medium in fused glass that I felt would enable me to create the sparkle and power this building invokes in people.

Pembroke House

This is taken from an architectural section drawing. The main detail has been painted onto blue tetra and then fired. Subsequent detailing is applied with glass pen in gold. The work is then framed and lit from behind. This technique could lend itself to any technical or engineering drawing of buildings, cars, trains etc.


These depict various well know local symbols such as the cider apple, and the perry pear. Also, sets can be made to abstract design.

Tuscan landscape

I took my inspiration for this piece from our time in a small Tuscan village. This was the view from our window. It is worked into a leaded panel. The glass has been painted and fired before assembling the panel. The enamel flower heads of poppies and sunflowers was added later.
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