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Individually made unique pieces by a Herefordshire glass artist


This piece is based on a frit migration technique, using recycled oddments of glass to depict a volcanic explosion as it expels rock and lava into the atmosphere. The work is shown over three pieces of glass joined with copper wire that has been woven with varies green ribbons. I wanted the hanging to show a powerful explosion with all the heat erupting into an evening sky.

Blue Tile

This small rectangle is made from off cuts of glass, they have been placed randomly on a piece of clear, and their odd shapes give the feeling of movement. Included is some silver mica powder captured under clear glass.

Circles, Squares, triangles and oblongs

With this leaded panel I have mixed these shapes together to form the design. Using recycled segments of glass with different textures and colours this A3 panel draws its inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wrights design for a rug in Max Hoffman house 1957. The addition of glass pebbles gives the work a 3D feel.

Copper foiled box

A Mackintosh influenced design. I find the combination of circles and rectangles place adjacent to each other and the intersection between these shapes gives a pleasing design. I then cut from green, blue and yellow glass, using different texture, radiances and shading to support the design.  The panel was then hinged onto a box shape made up from the lids coloured glass.

Autumn Leaf Bowl

The design is created by placing leaves of powder glass onto the kiln floor and then covering them with a 7 ½" disc of glass which is then fired in the kiln. Taking a second same sized disc mica has been sprinkled on its surface before placing over the first disc and a second firing occurs. Finally it is slumped into a shallow bowl in the kiln. This piece takes three firings in the kiln.

Geranium bowl and coasters

With this technique you lay the plant material onto a surface, and then cover it with hairspray which allows the powdered glass to adhere. This is then placed on the kiln floor to the original design and a disc of glass is placed over it. Once fired the material becomes part of the glass. The second stage is to encapsulate the result, between the second disc of glass and the original I sprinkled pale green mica powder to create a shimmering effect. This receives a second firing. The final stage is to slump the piece into a deep bowl shape. There are also four coasters using the same method to go with the bowl. This technique can utilise any flower or plant material to make a unique gift or memento using, for example, wedding flowers.

Copper Foil Dragonfly

A simplified pattern using spectrum glass. Wings copper foiled together with main body being twisted copper and the antennae small glass beads.
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