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The Collection

Individually made unique pieces by a Herefordshire glass artist


This starts with creating a clay mould of the subject, then making up the plaster to pour into a plastic box around the clay. Let is set for a couple of hours. Remove the clay and leave mould to dry for several weeks. Break mould out of plastic box and then fill with rock glass, fire in the kiln.

The Fan

Small segment of tetra glass recycled from another project. I used the glass stringers to represent the fan veins and frit of various colours and size for the decorative surface.

Hereford Summer

The 9" discs of glass has been painted with liquid stringer (glass). Its inspiration came from views over the Herefordshire hills in high Summer. Some glass frit was applied for texture. This technique lends itself to more impressionist images.

Orange and Green lattice

With this piece I wanted to create an open abstract pattern with the pieces left from cutting the glass for "fused wave" project. With these strips I laid them onto the kiln floor with just enough overlap to create a secure structure. Also included are some small frit attachments.

Fused waves

This piece is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. It takes irregular strips of greens and orange glass in a random order to produce this effect.  It is then slumped into a wave shape to complete the work. It can be stood upright and small tee lights placed behind give an interesting effect.

Glass quilt

I have used all recycled glass for this piece. Initially, using a piece of clear glass, which was then divided into 15 squares. The central section contains the lettering in copper captured between two clear glass oblongs with an additional three squares of confetti glass place on the first, third and fifth letters. The two boarders comprise of the basic rainbow with a couple of the squares capturing a dragonfly motif.  To complete the quilt design I added strips of coloured wavy edge glass along each side.  This design lends itself to any name or event by adjusting the number of squares used and orientation. The concept works for children's births, weddings and special anniversaries.


This piece represents a velvet night sky. Using a plain disc of glass I cut triangles of dark blue glass and placed them in a pinwheel pattern. To represent the shooting stars I added stringers in various blues, sprinkled the surface with silver mica trapped under clear frit. To create the bubble effect I placed bi carbonate of soda under some of the blue pieces of glass. Finally spreading over the surface a dark blue frit. Once, fired this piece returned to the kiln for slumping. It is mounted on a large mirror to create a 3D effect and protect the very fragile stringers.
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